Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon Hardcover Limited Edition


Uwe Jarling cover

Collection of 9 all-new prose stories with spot illos; ca. 2009

Foreword; The Domino Lady and the Crimon Dragon (text story); Blondes in Chains (text story); Target: Domino Lady (text story); Stealing Joe Crick (text story); The Claws of the Cat (text story); The Strange Case of the Domino Lady and Mr. Holmes (text story); The Devil, You Know (text story); Masks of Madness (text story); About the Contributors; Only Her Dressmaker Knows for Sure (text story); All’s Fair in War (script)

 K.G. McAbee, C.J. Henderson, Bobby Nash, Chuck Dixon, Ron Fortier, Nancy Holder, James Chambers, Martin Powell, Lisa Bandemer, Rich Harvey

 Ver Curtis, E.J. Morges, Rob Davis, Javier Lugo, Uko Smith

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