National Lampoon #53

National Lampoon     August, 1974

Isolationism and Tooth Care

Plumber’s Little Helper; Mythical Mythical Beasts; Executive Deleted; A Very Sizeable Advance; Sex Issue Cover; Clean Dirty Comic; Seed Magazine; Dirty Duck; Our Bodies and None of Your Business; Surprise Poster #7; Mouthing Off; Food Issue Cover; Frying to Rio; Leftovers; True Menu; Soul Drinks

 Akbar del Piombo, Rick Meyerowitz, Doug Kenney, Henry Beard, Tony Hendra, Ed Subitzky, Christopher Cerf, Bobby London, P.J. O’Rourke, Brian McConnachie, Gerald Sussman, Sean Kelly

 Norm Rubington, Rick Meyerowitz

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