The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute Book #1

A Plays Well With Otters Invention     June, 2017

Fallen Friends; Prologue; Gwynna; The Badden; Resistance: The Gathering; Vast; The Dark Ones: Cabal; Unwanted Passengers; The Bloody Stump; The Secret Mission; The Frozen Bridge; Seige; Faerie; Tunring; Who’s There?; Dark Reckoning; You Throw Like A Girl; Moonlight Sonata; Only In My Dreams: Serra; That’s Not My Name; Only In My Dreams: Rikk; Not Holding My Breath; Dark Alliance; A Grim Meeting; Maps; Mistaken Identity; Dark Agenda; Discovery At Toli’s; A Shack In The Woods; Turtle Shell; Koj And Tosh Go To Hin; The Escape; The Moving Mountain; Spy; Dark Campaign; Fence And Fykes; Regent’s Stand; Only In My Dreams: Jarek; The Elee Giants; Dark Ritual

 Todd DeZago

 Craig Rousseau, Rich Case, Ryan Browne, Andie Tong, J. Bone, Gordon Purcell, Leonel Castellani, Todd Nauck, Jamar Nicholas, Neil Vokes, Brandon Peterson, Bret Blevins, Rich Ellis, Andrew Pepoy, Nate Lovett, Mark Wheatley, Laura Truxillo, Casey Jones, Terry Dodson, Shawn McManus, Martin Egeland, Jon Bogdanove, Bobby Timony, Andy Smith, Leanne Hannah, Charles Paul Wilson III, Ramona Fradon, Andrew Robinson, Matt Wieringo, Thom Zahler, Dee Fish, Rob Stull, Dave Tata, Danielle Ellison, Alan Smithee, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Rafael Albuquerque, Joe Staton, Nicky Soh, Andrew Cieslinski, Jeff Parker, Alain Mauricet, Jason Browne, Mark Bagley, Clara Meath, Lauren Gramprey, Chris Kemple, Bart Sears, Dave Bardin, Chris Campana, Denny Fincke, Jack Lawrence, Drew Moss, Jeff Johnson, Stan Sakai, J.M. Dragunas, Rod Whigham, Marc Hodge, Kate McElroy, Denis Medri, Bruno Bessadi, Billy Martin, Dean Beattie, Marcelo Dichiara, Sean Tiffany, Mark Buckingham, Jerry Gaylord, Kyle Latino, John Frontirre, Steven E. Gordon

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