The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute Book #2

A Plays Well With Otters Invention     September, 2017

By Thy Side; Koj Meets Grohl And The Goblins; That Didnít Take Long; Oge KíTion; Jeffsport In Ruins; Dark Victory; Cats And Goblins, Huh?; Serra And Rikk: Reunion; Discovery: The Alcine Rune; BuzzBeez; Dart; A Dream Of Dragons; Herrick; The Sacrifice Personae; Arriving In Jeffsport; Lessons In Light; Jarekís Outburst; Nether; DíSann Takes Charge; DíSann And Toli; Brae And Serra Go To Hin; Cornered; Finding Toli; Hey!; Resistance: Summit; Family; Stay Out Of It, Jarek!; Iíll Be Over Here If You Need MeÖ; Antiques And Acquisitions; The Wrath Of Sur-Azal; Here Ya Go, Kid; But I Donít Wanna Get The Giants; Knight-Light; Where Did You Go?; Somersíhaven; The Stand; The Battle For Luftholde; War!; Koj And The ShadowTrooper; Serra And Jessa; Jarek And Gwynna; Rikk And Pete; Sacrifice Personae Ex; DíSann Disarmed; The Mage Of Love; The Other Loot; Nether Unleashed; Protecting The Tower; Battling Dragons; Falling Friends; Spiderís Web; Showdown; The Fall Of Sur-Azal; My True Form; The Upside of Putt-Lilly; Celebration; The Last Gift; Brae And Serra; The Secret Epilogue; The Kern And The Baden; How Craig Saved Pete

 Todd DeZago

 Karl Kesel, Tom Raney, John Burgin, Ian Chase Nichols, Christian D. Leaf, June Brigman, John Broglia, Matt Slay, Kurt Wood, Steve Conley, Eryk Donovan, Bryan Mon, Tracy Yardley, Rich Woodall, Steve Epting, Mike Maihack, Louise Simonson, Chris Eliopoulos, Josh Terry, Jim Calafiore, Tom Bancroft, Jamie Jones, Stephane Roux, Terry Austin, John Roscetti, Matt Roscetti, Carlo Barberi, Brandon Palas, Eric Henson, Mike Norton, Duncan Rouleau, Andy Genen, Kari, Ed Smith, Ron Mommaerts, Michael OíHare, Whiteley Foster, Tak Toyoshima, Dwayne Biddix, Sandy Jarrell, Rodney Buchemi, Ariela Kristantina, Aluir Amancio, Elvin Ching, Evan Dorkin, Pedro Delgado, Keith Conroy, Kyler Clodfelter, Chris Compana, Lora Innes, Nathan Greno, J. Chris Campbell, Kevin Kobasic, Fred Hembeck, Laura Truxillo, Danielle Ellison, George Perez, Paolo Villanelli, Gus Vasquez, Durwin Talon, Ryan Browne, Meg Syverud, Dominike Stanton, Kelly Yates, Thor Badendyck, Chris Sprouse, Ray-Anthony Height, Richard Goodwin, Todd Nauck, Franco, Art Baltazar, Rebekie Bennington, Dean Beattie, Sunder Raj, Alex Ogle, Jarad Greene, Simone Arena, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Stephen Downer, Armando Zanker, Scott D.M. Simmons, Matt Haley, Steve Wilhite, Martin Abel, Dave Bardin, Jerry Gaylord, Kyle T. Webster, Michele Bandini, Kelsey Shannon, Paolo Rivera, Neil Vokes, Joe Staton, Gina Trujillo, Steven E. Gordon, Richard Pace, Bobby Timony, Derek Laufman, Winslow Drum, Matt Wieringo, Craig Rousseau, Chuck Wojtkiewicz

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