Super Cracked #9


Reprints stories from Cracked; B&W; ca. 1976

Kung Phew; French Foreign Legion; The Daily Atlantis; Reducing the Violence in Movies; Ballad of the Squeaky-Voiced Cowboy; Levenworth Mutual; Cracked Illustrated Quiz; Ploys Against noise; Blech Shampoo; Cracked Visits a Skating Rink; Underneath Planet of the Apes; The Explorer and the Snowman; And the Defendent Answered; The College Entrance Rat Race; Work Slowdowns; Destination: Fun; Hudd and Dini; Throughout History With the Isolated Camera; The Pick Up; Cracked Suggestions for Improving Mail Service; A Modern Family Primer; Shut-Ups

 John Severin, Vic Martin, John Langton, Bill McCartney

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