Corporate Crime Comics #1 - 3rd printing

Kitchen Sink

Karen Silkwood’s Story; The ITT Scandal; The Great American Airplane Scam of 1973; Giant Monopolies Steal Land And Water In California; Golden Years; Mr. San Diego; Bad Drugs; Racist TV; The Teapot Dome Scandal; Anti-Monopoly; The Streetcars; The Ludlow Massacre; Minamata; DemonSeed

 R. Diggs, Leonard Rifas, Trina Robbins, Sally Harms, Sharon Kahn Rudahl, Kim Deitch, Larry Rippee, Greg Irons, R. Wilson

 R. Diggs, Leonard Rifas, Peter Poplaski, Trina Robbins, Guy Colwell, Sharon Kahn Rudahl, Kim Deitch, Justin Green, Loft, Larry Rippee, Jay Kinney, Denis Kitchen, Greg Irons, R. Wilson

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