Chilling Adventures in Sorcery (Archie) #1

Archie     November, 2017

Reprints issues Chilling Adventures in Sorcery #1-5, Red Circle Sorcery #6, 7; B&W

Behold the Beast; The Boy Who Cried Vampire; Assignment in Fear; A Real Hot Talent; Quick Justice; Curiosity Kills; The Ultimate Cure; Look Upon Your Legacy; Sonny’s World; The Measure of a Monster; The Cameo’s Curse; The Cat; A Stab in the Dark (text); Missing Link; Immortality Factor; Haunted Gallery; Essays into the Supernatural— Familiars; Suicide…Maybe; Loophole (text); Horripilate Host; Golden Touch; A Thousand Pounds of Clay; Essays into the Supernatural— The Witch; The Two Thieves of Baghdad; Esme; Barometer Falling…; The Choker Is Wild; Essays into the Supernatural— Dragons; Warrior’s Dream; Essays into the Supernatural: The Werewolf; Out of Practice; Death Goes to a Sales Convention!; The Patience of a Cat; Black Fog (text); Face of Love-Face of Death; A Twist in Time!; Essays into the Supernatural—Dibbuk; The Knife of Jack the Ripper; The Rivals; The Benefactor; Essays into the Supernatural —Possession and Exorcism; … If I Were King; Essays into the Supernatural– Poltergeists; The Spectre

 Jack Morelli, Frank Doyle, Gray Morrow, Phil Seuling, Vincente Alcazar, Don Glut, Larry Hama, Steve Skeates, Mary Skrenes, Marv Channing, T. Casey Brennan

 Stan Goldberg, Dan DeCarlo, Gray Morrow, Vincente Alcazar, Dick Giordano, Ed Davis, Carlos Pino, Howard Chaykin, Bruce Jones, Alex Toth

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