Spider-Man, The Ultimate Guide Hardcover


Foreword by Stan Lee; ca. 2001

Foreword; Introduction; Peter Parker; Uncle Ben and Aunt May; Peter’s Friends; Peter’s Girlfriends; Mary Jane; Origin of Spider-Man; Spider-sense; Wall-crawling; Strenght & Agility; Web-slinging; Costumes; Spider-Man’s Partners; Daily Bugle; Spider-Man in the 60’s; The Chameleon; The Vulture; Doctor Octopus; The Sandman; The Lizard; Electro; Mysterio; The Green Goblin; Kraven the Hunter; Sinister Six; The Scorpion; Spider-Slayers; Master Planner; The Rhino; The Molten Man; John Jameson; Kingpin; The Prowler; Spider-Man in the 70’s; Morbius; Hammerhead; Silvermane; Death of the Stacys; The Punisher; The Jackal; Other Green Goblins; Will O’ The Wisp; Rocket Racer; Black Cat; Spider-Woman; Spider-Man in the 80’s; The Hobgoblin; Nothing can stop the Juggernaut; Cloak and Dagger; Hydro-Man; Chance; The Alien Costume; Silver Sable; The Puma; Tombstone; Solo; The Wedding; Kraven’s Last Hunt; Cosmic Spider-Man; Venom; Spider-Man in the 90’s; Carnage; Tri-Sentinel; The Death of Harry Osborn; Aunt May’s Death; The Clone Saga; Scarlet Spider; Kaine; Judas Traveller; Scrier; Revelations; Identity Crisis; Spider-Man 2000; Ultimate Spider-Man; Spider-Man 2099; Spider-Girl; Spider-Man around the world; Gazetteer; Afterword

 Tom DeFalco, Stan Lee

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