E.C. Archives: War Against Crime #1 Hardcover

Dark Horse     August, 2018

Reprints War Against Crime #1-6

Public Enemy…The Story of "Machine Gun" Kelley!; Porfolio of Death; The Story Behind the Cover; The Ruby Stickpin!; Smokin’ Six-Guns!; Hank "Two-Gun" Corley; The Crystal Ball Killer; The Snow Trail; America’s first Crime; The Saga of Spotlight John; Frisco Florrie Queen of the Barbary Coast!; The Case of the Savage Strong Boy; The Deadly Habit; The do-it-Yourself Kid and the Dimpled Doll; The Machine-Gun Mad Mobsters; Choo-Choo Jones; A Matter of Minutes; The Robbery Ring: The Case of the Striking Serpent; Little Miss Mob Marker; Curse of the Pharaoh; Three Time Loser; The Law’s Revenge; The Woman Who Loved Life; The Crusher!; Too Big for the Job! (text); Money-Hungry

 Grant Geissman, David Lapham, Lee Ames, Johnny Craig, Ed Moore, Graham Ingels, Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein, Gardner Fox

 Lee Ames, Johnny Craig, Ed Moore, Graham Ingels, Frank Bolle, Leonard Starr, Stan Asch, Joe Orlando, Sheldon Moldoff, Al Feldstein

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