Wizard: The Comics Magazine #102 Variation A

Wizard     March, 2000

Superman cover

Warlands #1/2 offer; Gatecrasher poster insert; Dan Jurgens interview

First Look: Fathom/Witchblade/Tomb Raider; Smashing!; What Next?; Keep ’Em Flyin’; Lost in Space; An Offer You Can’t Refuse; The Wizard Q+A: Dan Jurgens

 Jim McLauchlin, Mike Cotton, Christopher Lawrence, Richard Ho, Scott Brick, Chris Hutchins, Dan Jurgens, Michael Turner, Jim Calafiore

 Peter Han, Comfort Love, Jennifer Ruggiero, J.R. Randoff, Jason Martin, Michael Turner, Jon Sibal, Jim Calafiore, Rob Taylor, Justin Works, D.J. Ellis, Dennis Hedge, John D. Pelzer

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