Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 Variation B


Fantastic Four Villains Variant Cover by Marko Djurdjevix

Dec 1: Mele Kalikimakai; Dec 2: Never Again; Dec 3: Hotclaws For Hanukkah; Dec 4: Dreaming of a Wade Christmas; Dec 5: I Hate Christmas; Dec 6: Jingle All the Wait a Minute; Dec 7: The Chiche Who Stole Christmas; Dec 8: White Elephant; Dec 9: Impossible Enemy; Dec 10: Christmas Jeer; Dec 11: Deck the Malls; Dec 12: The Giving Season; Dec 13: Christmas Cat-Astrophe!; Dec 14: The Gift That Keeps on Giving; Dec 15: Home for the Holidays; Dec 16: The Naughty List; Dec 17: Baby Steps; Dec 18: Deck the Halls; Dec 19: Secret Santa; Dec 20: All I Want for Christmas is You; Dec 21: The Longest Night; Dec 22: Blue Christmas; Dec 23:…And to All a Good Nightcrawler; Dec 24: The Gift of the Madri; Dec 25: Walkin’ in a Winter Murderland

 Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Chris Claremont, Charles Soule, Jean Grae

 Marco Failla, Terry Dodson, Ryan Browne, Shawn Crystal

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