Humanoids/DC Comics Preview #1

DC     July, 2004

2004 San Diego Comic Con giveaway

The Technopriests; The Horde; The Bilal Library; The Beast Within; The Beast Trilogy; The Nikopol Trilogy, I Am Legion: The Dancing Faun; Decide; The Metabarons; The Hollow Grounds; By the Numbers; The White Lama; Chaland Anthology; Son of the Gun; Odysseys of Giuseppe Bergman; Transgenesis: 2029; Bouncer

 Alexander Jodorowsky, Igor Baranko, Igor, Enki Bilal, Eric David, Fabien Nury, Yves Chaland, Milo Manara, Anne Ploy

 Zoran Janjetov, Fred Beltran, Pierre Christin, John Cassaday, Juan Gimenez, Mœbius, Luc Schuiten, Francois Schuiten, George Bess, Yves Chaland, Milo Manara, Didier Pagot, Francois Boucq

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