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An Examination of the“New Look” (1964-1969) and Bronze Age (1970-1979) Batman and Detective Comics; Introduction by Dennis O’Neil; 239 pgs.

Introductiom; The New Look: Why Batman Needed the Fix-It Man; The Man Who Rediedesigned Batman; Batman Begins: Batman Fans React to the New Look; Good Help is Hard to Find: The Death of Alfred and the Story of Aunt Harriet; The Case of the Collective Conundrists: The Mystery of Gotham City, Their Forebears, and Their Offspring; Gotham’s Finest: Batman’s Relationship with the Police; The Ghost of Gotham: Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff, the Men Behind Bob Kane; America Goes Batty: The Batman TV Show; An Index of Batman Comics Adapted yo Television; Holy Hot Rod!; The Batmobile; Batman-A-Go-Go!: The TV Show’s Impact Upon Comic Books; Gotham’s Unsung Hero: An Interview with Joe Giella; The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl; An Index of Batman’s New Look Rogues’ Gallery; The New Look’ Batman and Detective Comics (1964-1969): An Issue-By-Issue Index; Fade To Black: The Creature of the Night Returns; Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out: Robin’s Journey Through the Counterculture and Into Self-Awareness; Breathing Life Into Batman: An Interview with Neal Adams; Killer’s Smile: The Joker Returns to His Homicidal Roots; Fright Night: Batman and the Horror Genre; Two Dark Knights: Batman and The Shadow; The Ra’s Al Ghul Saga: Batman’s Greatest Foe and his Epic Firast Battle with the Caped Crusader; A Year with Archie Goodwin: One os Comics’ Greatest Writer and Editors Takes Over Detective Comics; The Bat-Muderer: Accused of Murder, Batman Goes on the Run As a Fugitive; The Shadow of the Bat Grows: Batman’s Changing World in the 1970’s; Batman’s Conscience: An Interview with Denny O’Neil; The Definitive Batman?: Englehart, Rogers, and Austin Memorable Stortline; An Index of Batman’s Bronze Age Rogues’ GALLERY; tHE bRONZE aGE bATMAN AND dETECTIVE cOMICS (1969-1979: an Issue-by-Issue Index

 Michael Eury, Michael Kronenberg, Dennis O’Neill, Mike W. Barr, Will Murray, John Wells

 Carmine Infantino, Sheldon Moldoff, Irv Novick, Neal Adams, Mike Allred, Gil Kane, Dick Dillin, Jim Aparo, Marshall Rogers, Walt Simonson

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United States $26.95 An Examination of the“New Look” (1964-1969) and Bronze Age (1970-1979) Batman and Detective Comics Introduction by Dennis O’Neil 239 pgs.