The Exotic Writings of Robert E. Howard Hardcover


Reprints Magic Carpet 7/1933, 1/1934; Reprints Thrilling Adventures 1/1935, Dec. 1936; Reprints Golden Fleece 11/1938, Jan. 1939; Reprints Strange Tales 6/1932, Jan. 1933; Reprints Argosy 7/1934; Reprints Marvel Tales 8/15/1936; Reprints Strange Detective Stories 12/1933, 2/1934, 5/1934; Reprints Super Detective Stories 5/1934; Reprints Thrilling Mystery 2/1936, 6/1936; Reprints Spicy Detective Stories 4/1936, 6/1936, 9/1936, 11/1936, 1/1937; Reprints Oriental Stories 10/1930, 2/1931, Spring 1931, Autumn 1931, Winter 1932, Spring 1932; Over-size; 513 pages; Robert E. Howard writing as Patrick Ervin and Sam Walser

The Voice of El-Lil (text); Red Blades of Black Cathay (text); Letters to the Editor (text); Hawks of Outremer (text); The Blood of Bleshazzar (text); The Sowers of Thunder (text); Lord of Samarcand (text); The Lion of Tiberias (text); Alleys of Darkness (text); The Shadow of the Vuture (text); The Treasures of Tartay (text); Son of the White Wolf (text); Black Vulmea’s Vengeance (text); Fan Letter (text); Gates of Empire (text); People of the Dark (text); The Cairn on the Headland (text); The Garden of Fear (text); The Dead Remember (text; Black Talons (text); The Tomb’s Secret (text); Fangs of Gold (text); Names in the Black Book (text); Graveyard Rats (text); Black Wind Blowing (text); She Devil (text); Desert Dragon (text); The Dragon of Kao Tsu (text); The Purple Heart of Erlik (text); Murderer’s Grog (text)

 Robert E. Howard

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