Wizard: The Comics Magazine #29

Wizard     January, 1994

Gatefold cover

Spawn/Violator & Maxx vs. Pitt 2-sided poster insert; Defiant Universe Card Collection offer insert; Christmas Eve in Brooklyn trading card insert; The Maxx trading card insert; Wizard Creator’s portfolio trading card insert; Tom Mason interview; Steve Massarsky interview; Jon Hartz interview; Tony Lobito interview; Kyle Zimmerman interview; Jim Lee interview; Jim Shooter interview; Mike Richardson interview; Beau Smith interview; Matt Ragone interview

Looking Ahead; Looking Back; Movers & Shakers; Industry Roundtable; Ongoing Trends; Lament for the Lost; Hardly Recognizable; Necrology; 2003: A Comic Odyssey; Philly Phest ’93

 Brian Cunningham, William A. Christensen, Mark Seifert, Bart Sears, Rob Samsel, Tom Mason, Steve Massarsky, Jon Hartz, Tony Lobito, Kyle Zimmerman, Jim Lee, Jim Shooter, Mike Richardson, Beau Smith, Matt Ragone, Patrick Daniel O’Neill, Andrew Steven Harris, Marc Wilkofsky, Barry Layne, Tom Palmer Jr., Todd MacFarlane, Stan Lee

 Brad Reeve, Sebastian Maroti, Ronald Winter, Bill McEvoy, Erik Larsen, John Byrne, Bart Sears, Tod Smith, Val Semeiks, Joe Jusko

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