Wizard: The Comics Magazine #40 Variation B

Wizard     December, 1994

Gatefold cover; Violator cover

Tekno Comix trading card insert; WildC.A.T.S. trading card insert; Ripclaw #1/2 offer; Violator poster insert

Natural Born Miller; Fables and Reflections; All Dressed Up With No Place to Go; The Other Batman; Dark Legend; A Tale From the Crypt

 Jack Curtin, Frank Miller, Paul J. Grant, Neil Gaiman, Bart Sears, Dave Galvan, Patrick Daniel O’Neill, William A. Christensen, Mark Seifert, Robert Hambrecht, Tom Palmer Jr., Val Semeiks

 Chris McHugh, Scott McFarland, Keith Iteya, Todd Huffman, Frank Miller, Chris Battle, Steve Kim, Anthony Smith, Doug Lau, Ryan McCabe, Robert Dacus, Jairo Paez, Thomas Correa, Doug McGregor, Thom Williamson, Gregory Lunzer, Joseph D. Paris, Piemonte Marco, Stephanie Cummings, Bart Sears, Greg Capullo, Val Semeiks

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