Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force Squad #1 Variation C

Devil’s Due     September, 2019

AOC In Charge; Under Fire!; Fun Things; New! From The Squad; The Squad - File Cards; We Will Not Be Silenced; What Makes America Great; AOC & The Bernie Pin-up; 1979; Impeach The MF’er; Too "Compromised" For Compromise; Scoob Squad - Pesky Kids; Where We All Belong; It’s Not Me, Baby, It’s My Sign; Can I Talk To The Manager

 Sherard Jackson, Liz MacArthur, Josh Blaylock, Christa Cassano, Josias Alvarado, Marguerite Dabaie, Adam McGovern, Kit Caoagas

 Erica Willey, Sherad Jackson, Liz McArthur, Sam Wells, Josh Blaylock, Joel Herrera, Christa Cassano, Peter Rostovsky, Gustavo Vasquez, Aly Faye, Marguerite Dabaie, Hoyt Silva, Marcantonio Bianco, Jose Garibaldi, Kit Caoagas

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