Famous First Edition #63 Hardcover

DC     July, 2020

Reprints New Fun Comics #1; Really #C-63

Sandra of the Secret Service; Jigger and Ginger; Barry O’Neill; Magic Crystal; Wing Brady; Ivanhoe; Judge Perkins; Don Drake; Loco Luke; Spook Ranch; Scrub Hardy; Jack Andrews; Sports Page; Radio Page; Movie Page; Model Airplanes; Aviation; Ship Models; Cap’n Erik; Buckskin Jim; Popular Science; Stamps and Coins; Young Homemaker; After School; Caveman Capers; Fun Film; Bubby and Beevil; Pelion and Ossa; Super-Police; Oswald the Rabbit

 Adolph Schus, Lawrence Lariar, Adolphe Barreaux, de Kerosett, Sir Walter Scott, Bert Salg, Clem Gretta, Jack A. Warren, Roger Furlong, Joe Archibald, Lyman Anderson, Bob Weinstein, Tom McNamara, Ken Fitch

 Richard Leoderer, Lyman Anderson, Adolphe Barreaux, Charles Flanders, John Lindermayer, Adolph Schus, Lawrence Lariar, Henry Carl Kiefer, Bert Salg, Clem Gretta, Jack Warren, Joe Archibald, Bob Weinstein, Tom Cooper, Tom McNamara

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