Of Monsters and Men! Pulp Heroes vs Hellspawn #1

Moonstone     October 7, 2014

Versus Beast Men; Versus Demons; Versus Fly; Versus Invisible Man; Versus Phantom of the Opera; Versus Quasimodo; Versus Succubus; Versus Witch Sycorax; Versus Zombies on High

A Fly in the Ointment, Bump in the Night, Golden Amazon Versus Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Sycorax, The Daemon’s Kiss, The Flying Dead, The Phantom’s Ghost, War of the Beast Man, Zero Squared

 Adam Lance Garcia, Barry Reese, Chuck Miller, David White, Martin Powell, Matthew Baugh, Sean Taylor, Tommy Hancock

 Rock Baker, Dan Brereton, Jay Piscopo, Eric Johns

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