Alone in the Dark

    (Image, 2002)
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Infograme’s Alone In The Dark was released in 1992 and may have been one of the first survival-horror games on the market. By 2001, they had released Alone In The Dark IV: The New Nightmare. This story takes place before the events of AITD4.

Charles Fiske, former agent of a super secret agency called Bureau 713, joined forces with Edward Carnby in 1982 in order to form a detective agency which handles cases of the bizarre connected to paranormal or supernatural events. Carnby has a talent for spotting evil, no matter what its guise. Aline Cedrac is a brilliant 24-year-old archeologist specializing in the Indian/Tibetan areas. Carnby and Cedrac meet and join forces with Ganesha, one of the largest antique dealers in Asia, searching for Aggartha, a hidden land and last resting place of the Crown of Genghis Kahn: a deadly artifact that could open the door to unspeakable evils. But first, they must pass the lumbering Yian-Ho who have guarded the Crown for centuries.

Think of this series as a cross between Indiana Jones and H.P. Lovecraft.

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 B&w and colorR.J.M. LofficierMatt Haley, Aleksi Briclot, Jean-Jacques Dzialowski, Fred Grivaud