Aragonés 3-D

    (3-D Zone)
™ and ©1989 Sergio Aragonés

Sergio Aragonés is a talented, witty, and extremely prolific cartoonist. Best known for his comical squigglings in the margins of Mad, he also co-created and drew Groo the Wanderer, as well as contributing gags to everything from Plop! to The Mighty Magnor.

In 1989, 3-D Zone converted a number of his cartoons using their very effective 3-D process. Although the effect is not as stunning as in some of the Blackthorne 3-D comics, it still forces the reader to slow down to both enjoy the 3-D visuals, and to drink in the almost unbelievably detailed sketches that are an Aragonés trademark.

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 ca. 1989Sergio AragonésSergio Aragonés