More Fund Comics

    (Sky-dog, 2003)
™ and © Sky-dog

The problem with many anthologies is the “gems to garbage” ratio. Happily, More Fund Comics, an anthology to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, boasts a much higher percentage of gems than most.

One might expect that an anti-censorship benefit book would be chock full of pieces decrying the curtailment of free speech. Were that the case, it might get preachy after a while. The balance of stories in More Fund is dead-on. Most pieces do not address censorship or free speech; they’re just good comics. Then, along comes a piece like Marty Baumann’s “The Yarnog Tree” to remind readers why they’re there.

Creators include Art Adams, Stan Sakai, Erik Larsen, and Michael T. Gilbert. To celebrate the pure joy of reading, don’t miss “Worlds of Wonder” by Ron Marz and Brandon Peterson. There is a largely unexceptional pin-up section, but John Romita’s take on Hagar the Horrible is a winner.

Even if it weren’t to benefit such a worthy cause, More Fund Comics is more than worth the surprisingly low cover price. You will benefit more than the CBLDF with this purchase; you’ll benefit yourself.

— Jack Abramowitz
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