The All-Star Index

    (ICG, 1987)
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This handy, authoritative and completely immersive guide to DC’s All-Star Comics and its prodigy (such as Justice Society mini-series and All Star Squadron) is essential reading for any fan of this venerable team of heroes. Listing every single issue’s artist, writer, character appearances, editorial information and plot synopses, the series of Indexes provide not only a plethora of information for the longtime fan, but also an invaluable research tool for anyone studying the expansive and varied history of the DC Universe. The Justice Society of America was the first “super-team” and they are more than deserving of this exhaustive coverage of their appearances and exploits. Who knew reading about characters like Biff Bronson and an evil Nazi named Baron Von Zorn could be this fun!

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Background on members of the JSA and first four issues of All-Star Comics (1st series) and DC Special #29; Introduction by Roy ThomasRoy Thomas, Lou MouginRichard Howell