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    (Image, 1997, 1999)
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Aaron Warner scored a surprise hit with his syndicated strip “The Adventures of Aaron,” which runs in Sunday papers from coast to coast. This four-issue series reprints the early Aaron strips for those unlucky enough to have missed them in their original run.

A big part of Warner’s secret is his use of comic book techniques in the relatively staid world of Sunday comic strips. Warner uses dynamic, even bizarre, panel layouts, a detailed art style, and lush, computerized coloring to make a comic that jumps off the page when compared to more conventional strips. The title character is an affable teenage loser with a wacky family and an obsession with the local Binko’s copy center girl. In addition to chronicling Aaron’s misadventures, Warner rounds out the strip with a goofy collection of games and puzzles. The only complaint is that this black-and-white series omits the eye-catching coloring of the original strips.

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8 copies available from $1.00
  Aaron WarnerAaron Warner


4 copies available from $1.99
  Aaron WarnerAaron Warner


August, 1997
5 copies available from $0.75
  Aaron WarnerAaron Warner


January, 1999
1 copy available for $0.50
 Continued numbering from Image seriesAaron WarnerAaron Warner