Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins 2005

    (DC, 2005)
™ and © 2005 DC Comics, Inc.

Ever wondered about the villains in Gotham City who are presently making the Dark Knight’s life miserable? Here’s a full report. Two original stories bookend several profile pages presenting the latest information on such dangers to the community as Black Mask, Killer Croc, Hush, and the Red Hood. Featured stories are “Stranger in Paradise,” detailing Black Mask’s taste for torture and the lengths he will go to capture Batman, and “If a Man be Clay,” a wacky Clayface tale drawn by Mike Mignola and originally commissioned for DC’s Secret Origins title. An excellent snapshot of what the bad guys are up to in Gotham.

— Jerry Smith

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 Origin of Clayface; Name altered from indicia. Typo in indicia of # 1 read: Batman Villans Secret Files and Origins 2005.Bruce Jones, Steve Purcell, Andersen GabrychEddy Barrows, Mike Mignola, Al Barrionuevo, Ramon F. Bachs, Cliff Chiang, Brad Walker, David Lopez, Mike Huddleston, Marcos Martin, Sean Murphy