Blair Witch: Dark Testaments

    (Image, 2000)
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The tale of the Blair Witch becomes more intricate with each comic book that dares to further expand its mythology. In the saga’s latest offering, Image Comics and Distant Corners have teamed up to publish Blair Witch: Dark Testaments—a 24-page one shot that provides even more back story for the already popular horror franchise. Where the film’s website doubled as a marketing tool—a device to further cloud the authenticity of the story—the various comic book incarnations provide background information for fans who just can’t get enough.

In the now famous town of Burkittsville, Mass., lifelong resident Davis Crane has become the Blair Witch’s latest pawn. But his near murderous act, while repulsive to town residents, was actually a desperate attempt at ridding the world of her evil legacy once and for all—an act of martyrdom, if you will. It seems that his connection to Rustin Parr, the last man to kill in the witch’s name, chronicles a history yet to be recounted in any of the film’s stories.

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