Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction

    (Marvel, 1975-1976)
™ and © 1974 Marvel Characters, Inc.

The 1975 follow-up to Marvel Comics’ ill-fated Worlds Unknown, Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction picked up where its predecessor left off. Packaged in the much more flattering $1 black and white magazine format, the bimonthly publication contained a number of self contained stories (approximately 10 per issue) revolving around one central theme: science fiction. Each issue was crafted by some of the genre’s greatest writers. Names like Harlan Ellison, Roger Zelazny and “Chip” Delany frequented the pages within.

While Magazine Management Co. published the periodical, the “Stan Lee presents:” found on the book’s title page was a telling sign as to the true backer behind the project. Losing out to the spandex clad, super-hero saturated market, some of the greatest names to come out of the House of Ideas—i.e. John Romita, Chris Claremont and Tony Isabella—lent their talent’s to the publication.

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5 copies available from $14.00
 Magazine; B&WBob Shaw, Tony Isabella, John Wyndham, Gerry Conway, Neal Adams, Shel Dorf, Ray Bradbury, Frank Brunner, Wally Wood, Kelly Freas, Michael W. KalutaRoss Andru, Neal Adams, Frank Brunner, Al Williamson, Angelo Torres, Roy G. Krenkel, Michael W. Kaluta, Gene Colan


5 copies available from $7.50
 Magazine; Alfred Bester interview; B&WRoy Thomas, Tony Isabella, Alfred Bester, Denny O’Neil, Frank Robbins, Michael W. Kaluta, Don Thompson, Bruce Jones, Gerry Conway, Rico Rival, Bob Shaw, John WyndhamFrank Brunner, George Pérez, Frank Robbins, Michael W. Kaluta, Bruce Jones, Alex Niño, Rick Bryant, Rico Rival, Stanley Pitt


4 copies available from $14.99
 Magazine; B&WTony Isabella, Gerry Conway, Doug Moench, Frank Herbert, Bruce Jones, Don Thompson, Roy Thomas, Harlan Ellison, Larry Niven, Ed LeimbacherGene Colan, Vincente Alcazar, Bruce Jones, Alex Niño, George Pérez


7 copies available from $14.00
 Magazine; B&WTony Isabella, Don Thompson, Maggie Thompson, A.E. Van Vogt, Tim Conrad, Gerry Conway, Robert Silverberg, Jan S. Strnad, Bruce Jones, Bob Shaw, Alan Brennert, David Anthony Kraft, Otis Adelbert KlineDom Heck, Dick Giordano, Tim Conrad, Adrian Gonzales, Richard Corben, Bruce Jones, Bob Kline, Rick Bryant, Steve Harper


8 copies available from $6.99
 Magazine; Larry Niven interview; B&WRoy Thomas, Bruce Jones, Alan Brennert, Larry Niven, Howard Chaykin, Don Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Don Glut, John Allison, Bob ShawGene Colan, Gray Morrow, Eliot Brown, Rick Bryant, Howard Chaykin, Michael W. Kaluta, Virgilio Redondo, John Allison, Eliot R. Brown


3 copies available from $9.99
 Magazine; B&WDoug Moench, Bruce Jones, John Allison, Don Glut, Roy Thomas, Bob Shaw, Michael MoorcockAlex Niño, Bruce Jones, John Allison, Ruben Yandoc, Pat Broderick, Eliot R. Brown, Rick Bryant, Gene Colan, Gary Brodsky, Brian Moore

Special Edition #1

3 copies available from $7.99
  Roy Thomas, Stanley Weinbaum, Don Glut, Theodore Sturgeon, Alan Brennert, Don Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Bruce Jones, Archie Goodwin, Frederic Brown, Gerry Conway, Mat WarrickRuben Yandoc, Alex Niño, Vincente Alcazar, Bruce Jones, Redondo, Archie Goodwin, John Buscema, Adrian Gonzales, Rick Bryant, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Jess Jodloman