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    (NBM, 2004)
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By blending a leftist critique of America’s socio–political ills with an everyman’s populist sensibility, Andy Singer’s cartoons fit squarely in the Michael Moore column of American political humor. Like Moore, Singer employs juxtaposition and contradistinction to point out absurdities inhering in conventional power relationships and modern–day anxieties. U.S. foreign policy, environmental destruction, meat–eating, and consumerism all come under Singer’s scrutiny. Many of these cartoons first ran in the pages of UC Berkeley’s student newspaper, The Daily Californian, so one might guess where Singer stands on the issues.

Attitude Featuring Andy Singer includes 119 neatly drawn black and white cartoons, and an introduction by noted cartoonist Ted Rall. As Rall himself notes, “it almost hurts to read some of [Singer’s] cartoons because they’re so angry.” Indeed, whether readers take pleasure in Singer’s trenchant progressive commentary or take umbrage at his smug moral equivalence will depend much on their political persuasion.

— Leland Burrill

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