The Titans Secret Files

    (DC, 1999-2000)
™ and © DC Comics

Another installment of DC’s very popular Secret Files & Origins series. This time, we see profiles, short stories, and surprising revelations of the group. They started out as a collection of super-hero side-kicks, banded together to fight crime and gave little seen, young characters a group of their own out of the shadow of their mentors in the Justice League of America. The group has gone through many members and many changes, many of which are chronicled here. From the original Teen Titans of the sixties and seventies, to the revived Teen Titans of the nineties and the more recent streamlined version, the Titans have been one of the most resilient teams in comic book history.
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March, 1999
Cover Price: $4.95
3 copies available from $1.99
Devin Grayson, Marv Wolfman, Eliot Brown, Dan Jurgens, Jay Faerber, Phil Jimenez, Chuck Kim, Tom JoynerPaul Pelletier, Mike Wieringo, Mike McKone, Butch Guice, Eliot Brown, Dan Jurgens, Rick Mays, Dwayne Turner, Mark Buckingham, Greg Land, Tom Raney, Adam Hughes, Jon Stokes, Bill Marimon, Joyce Chin, Georges Jeanty
October, 2000
Cover Price: $4.95
2 copies available from $1.75
Ben Raab, Geoff Johns, Jay Faerber, Scott BeattyAdam DeKraker, Ben Herrera, Derec Aucoin, Drew Johnson, Dusty Abell, Georges Jeanty, Justiniano, Mark Buckingham, Paul Pelletier, Brian Stelfreeze