Archie Comics Presents the Love Showdown Collection

    (Archie, 1994)
™ and © Archie Publications

To stir up interest in collectors buying all the comics in a particular comic publishers line (a feat Marvel and DC had done for years), Archie attempted this crossover collection with a four-part story that appeared in issues of Betty, Veronica, Betty and Veronica and Betty and Veronica Spectacular featuring everyone’s favorite redhead who volleys for Archie affections, Cheryl Blossom. This creates a triumvirate of competition amongst Cheryl, Betty and Veronica. This resulting collection compiles all of the tales into one collection for an easier read.

— Mark Arnold

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Reprints Archie #429; Collects multi-part storyline; Prestige format one-shot; Betty #19; Betty & Veronica #82; And Veronica #39; ca. 1994Dan Parent, Bill GolliherDan Parent, Dan DeCarlo, Bill Golliher