The Best of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge

    (Gold Key, 1964, 1967)
™ and © Western Publishing Company, Inc.

This series features some of the earliest examples of Western Publishing (Dell, Gold Key, Whitman) paying homage to the better comic book stories written and drawn by the immortal Carl Barks. Barks would later achieve legendary status, but in 1964 he still was a virtual unknown to most fans who only referred to him as “the good duck artist.” Even here Barks is not mentioned by name, but these quality stories from Four Color and Uncle Scrooge offer an excellent representation as to why Barks is so revered today.

— Mark Arnold

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No copies available
Reprints stories from Four Color Comics #189 and 408 (Donald Duck)  


3 copies available from $5.00
Reprints stories from Four Color Comics #256 (Donald Duck) and Uncle Scrooge #7 and 8 Carl Barks