I Die at Midnight

    (Vertigo, 2000)
ô and © 2000 Kyle Baker

Distraught by his girlfriend Muriel leaving him, just hours away from the Year 2000, Larry has just poured a glass of wine, fixed himself a nice meal, written out a farewell note, and taken half a bottle of sleeping pills to kiss the world goodbye. As a result, itís with a kind of strangled hysteria that he receives a sudden visitor at his dooróMuriel, who has changed her mind and wants him back. Now possessed of a reason to live once more, only one thing can save his life, and itís halfway across the city and obstructed by numerous hardships, including the man he stole Muriel away from in the first place. Will he make it by midnight?

Written and drawn in a brilliantly animated, cinematic style by Kyle Baker, this fast-paced tale is a thriller, a comedy, a romance, and a lot of fun. Published in vibrant full-color under DCís Vertigo imprint.

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ca. 2000Kyle BakerKyle Baker