JLX Unleashed

    (Amalgam, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics

The JLX, an amalgam of the Justice League of America and the X-Men, returned in 1997 as part of a second round of Amalgam titles, jointly published by Marvel and DC.

Metamutants had been hunted down and imprisoned due to the recently passed Armageddon Agenda, thus effectively wiping out the JLX. But now the Hellfire League of Injustice has summoned the dread monster Fin Fang Flame, commanding it to destroy all mutants. The near-unstoppable flame monster obliged, immediately incinerating the Hellfire League, since all humans are mutated to some extent. Now Fin Fang Flame is out to destroy all humanity—and only the banned JLX can stop it!
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June, 1997
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Christopher PriestOscar Jiminez