Death: At Death’s Door

    (Vertigo, 2003)
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Introduced in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, Death stunned readers by her wit and upbeat personality, quite different than anybody would’ve expected from what is often portrayed as the Grim Reaper. At Death’s Door is formatted like Tokyopop’s digest-sized, black-and-white manga paperbacks but its story is firmly in the Vertigo tradition of contemporary Gothic horror. Writer-artist Jill Thompson lightens the gloom by capturing the flavor of Japanese girls’ comics, otherwise known as shojo. Set during the Season of Mists storyline in Sandman, At Death’s Door reveals the misadventures of the dream king Morpheus’ sisters while he was deciding on whom to give the Key to Hell to. Unfortunately for Death, the dead from Hell decide to visit her apartment.

— Michael Sutton

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Manga version of all characters; Introduction at back of book; Based on The Sandman: Season of Mists; Apearances of all The Endless except Destruction; B&WJill ThompsonJill Thompson

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 Jill ThompsonJill Thompson