Christmas Classics (Walt Kelly’s…)

    (Eclipse, 1987)
™ and © 1987 Walt Kelly Estate

Walt Kelly returned to publishing comic books during the early forties. He wrote stories featuring characters such as the Brownies, Our Gang and Santa Claus. In addition, Kelly did occasional Donald Duck stories and collectors consider his Disney comic covers as classics. This book includes a rare series Kelly produced at the end of the 1940s: The Adventures of Peter Wheat. Kelly created the title for a bread company, which listed different bakeries‚ names on the first page and distributed the issues to its subsidiaries, which included a free issue with home-delivered bread. The year-end tale of the Little Folk of the Wheat Field is a delightful example of what Kelly did with swashbuckling fantasy in this almost unknown series. After you’ve read these stories, pass them on to a child. Read them with the children you know. Share them again and again. Let’s have another generation of lucky kids.

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