Aquaman (2nd Series)

    (DC, 1986, 1988)
™ and ©1986 DC Comics, Inc.

Some nine years after the conclusion of the first Aquaman solo series, the Atlantean returned in 1986 for this four-issue mini-series. This title finds Aquaman busy on all fronts: trying to defend his adopted home of Venice, Florida against the villains who attack it simply to get at Aquaman; battling Ocean Master, Aquaman’s half-brother and mortal enemy; preventing war between the peoples of Atlantis and the surface world; and reclaiming the seal of Atlantis from a rebellious faction in Thierna Na Oge.

To accomplish his Atlantean missions, it became necessary for Aquaman to move unnoticed amongst the Atlanteans. To this end, he abandoned his traditional costume in issue #1 for a camouflage blue/dark blue outfit which did not mark him as a super-hero (the sight of a man swimming underwater at high speed is nothing extraordinary to the Atlanteans). This series, although not wildly successful, probably helped pave the way for later Aquaman revivals.

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 Versus Ocean Master; New costumeNeal PoznerCraig Hamilton


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 Origin of AquamanNeal PoznerCraig Hamilton


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Special Edition #1

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 One-shotGary Cohn, Dan MishkinGeorge Freeman