Angry Shadows

    (Innovation, 1989)
™ and © 1989 The Innovative Corporation, Anne O'Brien Rice

Editor Faye Perozich, who would go on to adapt Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat for the comics page, collected a motley bunch (we mean that in the best way) of morbid tales for this black and white horror anthology. There are some strong, chilling stories in here, ranging from suspenseful old-school ghost stories, to EC-styled chillers-with-a-twist, to over-the-top NC-17 rated gross-outs in the best tradition of black-and-white horror mags like Creepy. Although mostly populated by unknowns, the book does feature a nice cover by John Bolton and one story, “A Trip to Necropolis” illustrated by veteran Superboy artist Jim Mooney. Editor Perozich also manages to slip in a sneak preview of some of her more well-known vampire work which, at the time this book was published, had yet to see the light of day.

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 Includes Vampire Lestat preview; Adult; B&WMark Ellis, Charles Marshall, Faye Perozich, Morbid T. Cowe, Janet Fox, Steve Niles, Anne Rice, Stephen SullivanAllan Williams, Daerick Gröss, Earl Geier, Jim Mooney, Joseph Lieaneaus Phillips, Mark Pennington, Rantz Hoseley, Rodney Dunn