The Allagash Incident

    (Tundra, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Jack Weiner and Charles Rak

The Allagash abductions occurred August 20, 1976 when four men, including a pair of twins, ventured into the Allagash wilderness of Maine. After several years of nightmares, the brothers began asking each other about that eventful night. Under separately conducted hypnotic regressions, the brothers recalled being abducted by a hovering UFO. The bizarre events of that night changed all their lives as an unusual amount of notoriety followed the case. Not surprisingly, the aliens are depicted as minimally communicative little gray humanoids, merely intent on sample collecting and maintaining silence, and not much more. Still, if one is suffering from alien abduction fatigue, this book may bring back memories of extracted wisdom teeth or audited tax returns.

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  Charles Rak, Jack Weiner, Joseph A. CitroCharles Rak, Jack Weiner