Adam Strange

    (DC, 1990, 2003)
™ and ©1990 DC Comics

Adam Strange was an Earth-born space hero who was a regular star of DC’s old Mystery in Space series. He got his start as a noted archaeologist who was excavating an ancient Inca city when he was struck by a “Zeta Beam” sent from the distant planet Rann. The beam had originally been sent by Rann’s scientist Sardath as a way of contacting alien life forms, but instead it accidentally brought Strange back. While on Rann, he stopped an invasion and became a hero, but the beam’s effects wore off and he was returned to Earth. Luckily, other beams had been sent, and by catching them at the right place on Earth, he could travel back and forth.

In this three-issue series, Strange gets a 90s-style update, exposing more sinister sides of Sardath’s plans, and offering Strange one final chance to visit Earth before a “Mega-Zeta Beam” makes his transport to Rann permanent.

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Wraparound cover art Richard BruningAndy Kubert


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 1st Appearance of Aleea Strange; Death of Alanna StrangeRichard BruningAndy Kubert

Book #1

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 Collects Adam Strange #1–3; ca. 2003Richard BruningAndy Kubert