Banana Sunday

    (Oni, 2005)
™ and ©2005 Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover

Banana Sunday is the charming tale of a high-school girl named Kirby and her three monkeys who, amusingly enough, accompany her to school and are students in their own right. In the space of a single issue, each simian savant has been given his own distinctive personality: There’s a bookworm who refuses to suffer fools gladly, a clumsy little guy who’s always eating and napping, and a smooth talker with a fondness for the ladies.

Kirby’s classmates celebrate the arrival of the talking triumvirate, and one girl—a reporter for the school newspaper—takes particular interest. The monkey shenanigans make a good story for the paper, of course, but there’s also a mystery afoot. Kirby instructs her hairy companions not to tell anyone where they’re really from, adding a dash of spice to an already pleasing concoction.

A family-friendly treat, Banana Sunday is a nice break from the fisticuffs and fatalities found in so many comic books. The art is as cute as the premise, and the characters are truly likable.

— Brett Weiss

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