Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat

    (Marvel, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Marvel Entertainment Group

This mini-series kicks off immediately after the events of Spectacular Spider-Man #210. There, Felicia Hardy (a.k.a the Black Cat) broke up with longtime boyfriend Flash Thompson. Before that relationship, she had carried a torch for Peter Parker (Spider-Man), who has since married.

Still torn by her romantic problems, Felicia sought out Peter for counsel. She found him in his Spider-Man identity, battling the self-righteous vigilante Cardiac. Cardiac had been trashing Morelle Pharmaceuticals, which he had believed to be in violation of ethical standards. Felicia joined Peter in stopping Cardiac, and afterward was offered a commission by Morelle Pharmaceutical’s owner. She was to find a person named Chimera, whose real name was to be a secret even to her. In taking this assignment, however, Chimera’s identity was far from the only surprise in store for her.

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