Dog Moon

    (Vertigo, 1996)
and 1996 Robert Hunter and Timothy Truman

The newly dead are transported by truck across a harsh, ethereal landscape, escorted by a young, introspective driver and his surly, belligerent partner, Red Jack. The dead speak only their name and then are taken to a final destination, like any other commercial freight. This grim routine is challenged one day when the driver is strangely attracted to one of the dead; a beautiful young woman named Tess. Although the relationship between the driver and Red Jack had been professional if not friendly, her presence begins to alter their alliance.

Dog Moon was written by the Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter, and drawn by Tim Truman (Grimjack, Jonah Hex) whose solid, serious style is an appropriate fit for this unusual melding of horror, love and redemption.

George Haberberger

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