500 Comic Book Villains

    (Barron’s, 2004)
™ and © Mike Conroy

This is the sequel to Conroy’s 500 Great Comic Book Action Heroes and, in some ways, actually surpasses it. For starters, Conroy’s definition of “great” was a little too broad when it came to super-heroes. With villains, he doesn’t even make that claim, but the goal is still easier to meet. Think of “great” Batman, Spider-Man, and Flash villains. How many is that? Dozens, probably. Add Superman and The Fantastic Four, and you’ve already got scores. This collection isn’t confined by “great.” There are scads of gloriously obscure Golden Age villains to be found.

There are some odd calls. Does Morgan Edge really need two entries (for his pre- and post-Crisis incarnations)? And it’s strange that The Secret Society of Super-Villains, a team invoked more than 20 times throughout, doesn’t merit its own entry.

Despite debatable inclusions, omissions, and mathematical errors (According to the entry for Green Goblin II, Amazing Spider-Man #136 came 135 issues after #31.), this book is lots of fun. It will also inspire less aggravation among diehard fans than did its predecessor.

— Jack Abramowitz
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Mike Conroy, Roy ThomasBob Kane, Bernie Wrightson, Arthur Ranson, Dale Eaglesham, Steve Ditko, Carlos Pacheco, Bruce Timm, Gil Kane, Phil Jimenez, Sal Velluto, Carmine Infantino, John Romita, Rich Buckler, Jack Burnley, Brian Bolland, Stephen Sadowski, Ron Frenz, Don Heck, Garry Leach, Mark Badger, Ty Templeton, Joe Quesada, Tim Sale, Ed McGuinness, Curt Swan, Dick Ayers, Arnie Jorgensen, Dave Cockrum, Jack Kirby, George Pérez, Duncan Fegredo, Gene Colan, Darick Robertson, John Byrne, Paul Gulacy, Joe Kubert, Butch Guice, Joe Brozowski, Dermot Power, Johnny Craig, Joe Shuster, Keith Pollard, Ramon Sola, Harry G. Peter, Dave Stevens, Colleen Doran, Greg Hildebrandt, Tim Hildebrandt, Murphy Anderson, Milton Caniff, Wally Wood, Joe Chiodo, Salvador Larroca, Jim Lee, Howard Porter, Adam Hughes, John Romita Jr., Brett Booth, Frank Quitely, Alan Davis, Jason Pearson, Stuart Immonen, Jan Duursema, Paris Culllins, Tom Rainey, Jim Valentino, Joe Simon, Al Gabriele, Mark Pajarillo, John Forte, Mike Wieringo, Mike Mignola, Jon Bogdanove, Ramona Fradon, Todd McFarlane, Peter Krause, Mike Zeck, John Buscema, Elim Mak, Paul Neary, Al Plastino, Carlos Ezquerra, Doug Mahnke, Pasqual Ferry, Steve Lightle, Mike McMahon, Walt Simonson, Moebius, Ron Smith, Kurt Schaffenberger, Anthony Castrillo, Darryl Banks, Kevin O’Neill, Nick Cardy, Bart Sears, Vincent Sullivan