(Fantagraphics, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Ted Jouflas

As the 2004 Presidential election heats up, the political rhetoric will fly fast and furious. Ted Jouflas features George W. Bush in his one-shot poem “Son of Vision Thing.”

Firmly to the left of center, the story is cast in chalky, swirling hues of black and white. A diatribe against the current administration and their business and media partners, Ape unloads both barrels and keeps reloading. With nice turns of phrase, Jouflas connects as many current events as possible in his stream of consciousness. But reading one long run-on sentence, even for those sympathetic, is like drinking from a firehose. Ultimately, his railing against perceived evils in the world will satisfy those bent on an American regime change.

— Oliver Chin

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