The Bikini Assassin Team

    (Catfish, 1996)
™ and ©1996 NYX Studio/Leutri Enterprises

The “B.A.T.” girls are high-priced assassins for hire. The team consists of Pippa Flynn, a brunette cyber-jock and the brains of the team; Wynter Holmes, a blonde hellion whose “turn-ons” include “hustling eight ball, nude sunbathing, and black leather”; and Heidi Wolf, the shooter whose pet peeve is “running out of ammo in a firefight.”

In the debut issue, the team is hired to recover the missing daughter of a wealthy businessman. Wynter adopted the guise of society girl, and it was not long before she was kidnapped herself. As it turned out, the man behind the kidnappings was a latter-day Caligula, Edmund St. John-MacBean, who was assembling a harem of beautiful women. The women were kept in line using mind-control collars which turned them into love slaves. Can the B.A.T. girls save their comrade before she turns into just another plaything for the debauched MacBean?

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 Gary Timleck, James LeutriPia. J. Guerra

#1 Variation A

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B&W Photo VariantGary Timleck, James LeutriPia. J. Guerra