Mythos: The Final Tour

    (Vertigo, 1996-1997)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics, Inc.

Mythos could have been a really rotten comic book. It’s about a rock star destined to crash just as he’s reaching the pinnacle of success. It’s also about gods, demons, mythology, and really bad record contracts. Numerous stories have been written in the “mythical rock star” genre, but writer John Ney Rieber and artist Gary Amaro manage to save Mythos from falling into the sea of clichés which this type of story so frequently drowns in.

Instead of playing up the glamour of the rock star life, we get a very interesting story about a decidedly ambivalent musician who happens to run across lesser gods in the course of going from one gig to another. In all, it plays out like Bacchus meets Hellblazer, with wayward deities messing with a young man’s life with the calculated greed of record company executives (which, as it turns out, some of them actually are).

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