James Bond 007: A Silent Armageddon

    (Dark Horse, 1993)
©1993 Acme Comics Ltd., Dark Horse Comics, Inc. and Gridrose Publications, Ltd.

Ten years ago, James Bond was an observer at a CIA raid on (what was believed to be) a safehouse for stolen military computer software. In reality, the CIA had been set up. When they entered the safehouse, they triggered an explosive device, killing several agents. The world had just seen the emergence of the terrorist group called Cerberus.

Years later, Cerberus is back, this time working its plans through the world’s computers. An intelligent virus called Omega has been unleashed in the world’s computers. Adaptive and seemingly unstoppable, there doesn’t seem to be a system it can’t enter—including nuclear launch computers. If the world’s most celebrated secret agent can’t find a way to stop it, Omega will soon provide Cerberus with the codes it needs to threaten the world with nuclear annihilation.

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