Resident Evil: Fire and Ice

    (WildStorm, 2001)
™ and ©2001 CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Once again, a video game gets the comic book treatment with the four-issue Resident Evil: Fire and Ice mini-series. Picking up where the original Resident Evil Comic Book Magazine left off, the mini re-introduces the main characters, expands on the mythology and pumps up the gore factor. About the only difficult element to follow in the rather simplistic story is its dependence on the original series (the difficult to find RECBM has been reprinted in trade paperback form as Resident Evil: Collection One). While perhaps nostalgic for longtime fans, new readers may find it difficult to catch all of the references, creating a feeling of isolation.

The story follows the S.T.A.R.S. Charlie Company—a special military unit assigned to combat the terrorist organization known as Umbrella. The evil group has developed a formula called the G-Virus—an elixir that apparently can create a race of super-soldiers. But what the virus actually does is turn everything it touches into a monstrous zombie. While the virus had been contained to Raccoon City, Umbrella has managed to leak it out into other areas of the world. Charlie Company’s mission is to find Umbrella and destroy them. Just think of it as G.I. Joe meets Night of the Living Dead.

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  Kris Oprisko, Ted AdamsLee Bermejo


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Book #1

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 Collects Resident Evil: Fire and Ice #1-4; ca. 2009Kris Oprisko, Ted AdamsLee Bermejo