The Art of Zen Intergalactic Ninja

    (Entity, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Entity Comics, a division of Express Publications, Inc.

Combining the ninja warrior bit with a sci-fi backdrop, Zen, Intergalactic Ninja tells the tale of an alien swordsman whose battle spans the universe. This art book celebrates Zen’s heroic efforts with full-page pin-ups of our bug-eyed protagonist by the likes of Sam Kieth (The Maxx), Frank Brunner (Howard the Duck), Randy Green (Darkchylde), Jae Lee (Inhumans), and Art Nichols (Justice League America).

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   Ross Andru, Frank Brunner, Dan Cote, Steve Ellis, Mike Esposito, Ben Go, Ellis Goodson, Albert Holaso, Raff Ienco, Tatsuya Ishida, Oliver Isabedra, Kaleh, Sam Kieth, Jae Lee, Mark Lewis, Kevin Mackenzie, Bill Maus, Ken Meyer Jr., Nelson, Art Nichols, Cedric Nocon, Hoang Nguyen, Randy Queen, Thad III Rhodes, Scooter Tidwell, Nigel Tully