Angel Fire (Shattered Frames)

    (Shattered Frames, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Blyth Parkhouse & Shattered Frames

John is your everyday cutthroat businessman who could do a good job in the shadowy areas of what many would consider “legal.” So what if a family business was ruined and caused a man committed suicide?—it wasn’t his problem. And the rewards are exceptional, including a taste of the latest recreational drug, angel fire—one tiny capsule that can give you such a taste of heaven! But then, everything goes wrong. John’s wife is found dead, he takes a bad trip to someplace definitely not heaven, and now… it feels as if something came back with him from that last drug induced out-of-body experience… a something that follows John to Scotland when he moves into his late wife’s ancestral home by the lake. Old legends and scary noises abound as John strives to remember “Where’s there’s light, there’s hope!”

Chris Blythe and Steve Parkhouse have joined forces to bring readers a modern “haunted house on the hill” type story that works!

— Ron Black

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 ca. 2005Chris BlytheSteve Parkhouse